Today I am tired. I feel as if there is a massive weight on me, holding me down and slowly clogging the air in my lungs. And today I am upset and disappointed with myself. I find that almost every day now I am disappointed with myself. This is because I am not achieving everything I…

I keep falling

I keep falling and falling into the illusion of life. I fall for all of it. I drink every drip of fake love and I act like I need it as if it was water. Like that friend who says they will always be there. Like that brother that says he loves me. Like that…

I’m so fucking tired

I’m so fucking tired I’m so tired of everyone acting like they’re doing me favors I’m tired of always being the second, third, fourth, or last choice I’m so fucking tired of being left out of conversations because I don’t laugh or talk like them of people being surprised when they realize I’m capable I’m so…

A Relapse

I did something today I am not proud of. I relapsed back into a destructive, shameful habit. You see, a couple years ago I witnessed first-hand the explosion of a family. Not the kind of explosion where fireworks burst into illuminating streaks of color. It was the kind of explosion that destroys and leaves scars and burns…


I need it desperately I crave the ambition that I have lost I long for the light I once used to emit It has slowly, yet so quickly, been taken out the flame that once fueled my actions has been blown out, smothered It’s like I have broken my heart with my own hand shattered it…

I am full of Nothing

“You are nothing extraordinary” she said. She, who has always had faith in me through my continuance of disloyalty through all the times I took her for granted She, who has always cleared my mind through my madness, my mind of chaos through the perpetual sea of my emotions She, who has always stuck by my…

The Story of the Girl

This is a story about a girl. She’s a little bit of everything. At times she’s excessively energetic, excited, and enthusiastic. She laughs at everything and anything. Her friends give her strange glances as they wonder how she can be so damn happy. She cries tears of plentiful joy when others cry tears of sorrow….

This isn’t Family.

A poem I wrote about a very dark time in my life.
You put the devil’s deeds to shame

The creatures of the night whisper your name

Your heart overflows with hatred and disgust

You feel no love for her, it’s merely lust….

Change? Yes, Please.

We want to change the world. So why is it that when change comes along we run the other direction?

The Truth About Fears

Fear. Its’s held us back for so long, but don’t let it overwhelm you anymore. Make peace with your fears.

The Need for Love

Why do we need love? Here’s what I think! Love does not last a moment, but a lifetime.